Day: March 7, 2019

Things to do in Asheville, NC

Asheville is the largest city in Western North Carolina. The city lies in the blue ridge mountains. Asheville consists of many natural and architectural treasure to see. If you want to visit Asheville, here are some of the things you can do to enjoy your stay.

Take an Asheville food tour

Asheville is famous for its food culture. Asheville food tour takes you to carefully selected restaurant where you can taste freshly cooked cuisines of Asheville. The trip allows visitors to their food at the best places of Asheville while Asheville gains more tourism value. Tourist can even meet the chef who went through cooking the food and shares their experiences.

Visit the Western North Carolina nature center

The nature center provides shelter to 60 different species. Some of these species are black bears, red wolves, cougar. The center aims at educating people about the species how they are endangered and how to protect them. The zoological park consists of 42-acre space to provide a home for all the species. One of the largest parts of the park is the Appalachian Predators exhibit. This area
consists of a large number of bobcats, red and gray wolves, coyotes etc.

Another huge portion of the park is the black bear, Ridge. In this part, you can find American black bears, white-tailed deer, a number of birds that prey on its food.

The nature center is scattered with vending machines and picnic tables for viewers to walk through the center and enjoy time within nature.

Find peace in North Carolina Arboretum

If you are done dealing with predators on the nature center then you might want to relax on North Carolina Arboretum. The North Carolina Arboretum covers an area of a 434-acre public garden. The place is not only for you to relax and enjoy. The North Carolina Arboretum has designed many activities for people so they can make the place memorable. You can choose activities like hiking or biking. The entire park is an extension of green plant and flowers. A guided tour from the experts can take you to different parts of the garden. On your journey, the floral species will be explained to you by botanists.

The garden consists of a large collection of bonsai. There are some sitting arrangements where food and snacks are available for the visitor. The cafe can be found near the education center of the Arboretum.

Grovewood Gallery, Asheville North Carolina

Now that you are done with the nature of Asheville it is time to look at something made by the human. The Grovewood gallery is a place where you can find fine woodworking. The gallery is house to many different contemporary and traditional woodworking made by 500 different artists of the United States. The gallery is landscaped with some of the artworks where the beautiful wood curves
can be enjoyed under the sky.

More artworks at Diana Wortham Theatre

Diana Wortham Theatre is another place in Asheville that appreciated the artwork. There are a variety of music and dance performances at the theatre throughout the year. The theatre with its acoustics and views can create an intimate connection with its guests. Foreign artists and local artists are all welcomed in the Dianna Worthan theatre.

The theatre is ready to welcome 500 visitors. Along with the performances on the stage, the theatre is surrounded by art galleries, museum, restaurants, and bars. the echo and the entire surrounding work together to create a vibrant and energetic environment for viewers.

The list of things to do in Asheville could go on and on where you can enjoy the different recipes, arts, and architecture of Asheville. There is a large number of places to explore especially for food lovers. Asheville has so much to explore that it is difficult to compress all the places in one article.