Ride the Tides in Bonaire

Ride the Tides in Bonaire

This is a small island located about 120 miles off the coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean, and it is renowned for great diving. Everyone from novice to advanced divers will find something to their liking here. Caribbean vacations allow you to enjoy life’s little pleasures in one of the most pristine locations in the world. Enjoy your day by sinking your feet in soft white sands, swimming in the warm aquamarine ocean, and exploring colorful coral reefs and mysterious shipwrecks. At night, enjoy a candle-lit dinner prepared by world-class chefs and sleep soundly in your very own villa near the beach. One excellent way to experience the beauty of the Caribbean islands is to explore its deep seas. In Bonaire, hotels offer exciting diving packages that allow vacationers to discover a fascinating world beneath the island’s crystal-clear waters.

Bonaire Diving, Snorkeling, and Windsurfing

Bonaire reef is so close; one can wade until they reach the reef and be prepared for the fantastic drop, which is about 35 yards offshore. Once they dive into a 100 or 120 depth, they can still see the sliver of sunlight. The routine here is wade and drop. Deeper into the blue, Bonaire diving experts can see more new water species. There is snorkeling in the shallower portions to enjoy for those who are doubtful to venture into the deep. Its visibility is perfect; one can see the bottom of the diving craft 70 to 120 feet from below. Another favorite sport is surfing the wind which is done in the broad area of the sea surrounding Bonaire.

The Mecca of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Bonaire is excellent, as it belongs to the top five diving destinations in the world. There are 86 well-defined dive sites in the area where explorers can visit fantastic coral reefs and mystifying shipwrecks as well as numerous off-shore destinations that can be reached by boat. The island of Bonaire is the tip of a submerged mountain jutting up from the ocean floor. Just a short distance offshore, only a few hundred yards are so, divers will be delighted to find a plentitude of coral and a fantastic array of marine life and fish. Some of the most prized sightings include corals of breathtaking beauty, the tiny seahorses, stingrays, gargoyle-like frogfish of Bonaire, and crabs.

Other activities

Bonaire’s economy is driven by tourism and scuba diving. There are numerous dive shops, resorts, aquariums, and attractions that earn a living off of showcasing and highlighting Bonaire’s diverse and protected marine environment. In addition to diving, visitors to Bonaire can enjoy numerous other activities including kayaking, cycling and mountain biking. Accommodations, on the other hand, offers a wide range of amenities are the travelers’ best friend. By choosing to stay in a hotel that provides the first-class service, you are guaranteed to take pleasure in everything that the island has to offer. You can see sailboats and glide on the ocean, relax on a hammock while sipping a refreshing cocktail, or enjoy a sunset cocktail on the beach.

On land or sea, Bonaire has something more than impressive to show. It has its own magic.